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Who are Healthy Place to Work® Ireland?

We are the exclusive Irish provider of the Healthy Place to Work® certification. We help and support organisations build, brand and deliver healthy work environments. We help organisations improve the performance, health and wellbeing of their people by creating a personalised action plan.

How can my organisation get Certified as a Healthy Place to Work®?

First of all, you need to get in touch with us. Then the certification journey can start. Once registered, the first step is your people will be invited to take the confidential Healthy Place Survey and your organisation will be requested to submit a Healthy Place Plan. Through our assessment framework, the results of this process will allow us to determine whether your organisation can be Certified as a Healthy Place to Work®.

 What are the benefits to working with Healthy Place to Work®?

We build partnerships with organisations, and work closely with them to identify how we can best support them and their people. Above all, entering the Healthy Place to Work® programme will give you the sustainable tools to support your health and wellbeing journey, which will enhance your people’s motivation, engagement and performance in the workplace. It also gives you the opportunity to attract and retain the best talent and to enhance the reputation of your organisation.

How long is the Healthy Place to Work® programme?

The Healthy Place to Work® programme takes around 8 weeks from sign up to Certification, if successful. This includes your Welcome to the Community, a Communication Plan, The Healthy Place Survey, our analyse of the results, your results presentation and Certification activation.

What is the cost to enter the Healthy Place to Work® programme?

The Healthy Place to Work® programme involve a cost that depends on the size of the organisation. Contact us today to discuss your options!

What is the Welcome to the Community?

All organisations who take part in the Healthy Place to Work® process receive a bespoke welcome pack. We help you on the message, both externally and internally, and provide you with the marketing materials to help you spread the word.

What happens once we are Certified as a Healthy Place to Work®?

If successful, your organisation will be Certified as Healthy Place to Work® for an entire year. Our team will share your achievement on our social media platforms with our network, we will give you the best advices to do so and to have the best use of your certification. Throughout the year our team will keep in touch with you.

What if we don’t get the Certification?

Our team will work with your team to develop an action plan based on the insights received through your survey. We will assist you to create meaningful change within the organisation, through the lens of our tried and tested methodology. We believe that the journey to recognition is more important than recognition itself.

Where can I find your resources?

The Healthy Place to Work® team is regularly working on resources to help you understand what we do and how you can improve your wellbeing culture. Find below:
Our blogs
- Our online event recordings
- Our guides
- Our case studies

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