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How to be certified as a Heathy Place to Work® - Wellbeing at work
Healthy Place Survey
Step one
Healthy Place Survey
Actionable Questions

Easy Implementation
Full Support
Results Customisation

Development Plan
Step two
Development Plan
Strategic Areas

Highlight Positive Investment
Living Guide
Action Plan Template

Results and Insights
Step Three
Results and Insights
Actionable Insights

Detailed Feedback
Strengths & Opportunities
Benchmarks on Practice
Paths to Development

Company Recognition
Step four
Company Recognition

Employer Brand
Corporate Reputation
Talent Attraction & Retention

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It Pays to be a Healthy Workplace

top talent

Attract and retain the best employees.

Competitive edge
Competitive edge

Enhanced Corporate Reputation.

strategic approach
strategic approach

Key insight to drive high performance.

The Healthy Place Process

If you get in touch today, your organisation could be certified as a Healthy Place to Work® in as few as eight weeks. As soon as you're certified, you're given use of the Healthy Place Certified badge, marking you out as an employer of choice in a competitive talent market. In addition, you'll gain associated benefits to in the areas of performance management, talent retention, productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

The Healthy Place Survey
The Healthy Place Survey

Employees take part in the Healthy Place Survey, self-reporting on the extent to which the organisation is considered to be a healthy workplace. The survey element of the assessment measures the extent to which organisational practices, policies and behaviours are best fit for that organisation. 

By gathering quantitative and qualitative data on the employees’ perception of their experience of workplace wellbeing, the survey provides essential information that enables the organisation to understand how to improve the workplace environment.

The questions in the Healthy Place Survey are organised under the four pillars of the Healthy Place to Work® Model.

The Healthy Development Plan
The Healthy Development Plan

The Healthy Development Plan analyses the policies, programs and day-to-day management behaviours that underpin a healthy workplace culture. It benefits organisational leaders, managers at all levels and human resource departments. 

Healthy Place to Work® will provide benchmarks on practice, detailed feedback on identified strengths and weaknesses and paths to improvement for the health and wellbeing strategy. The submission addresses three key areas:

1. Integration of a sustainably healthy approach into strategy, planning and objectives.

2. Using an evidence-based approach to health promotion.

3. Matching organisational supports to workplace and employee needs and demands, including the evaluation of outcomes

The Healthy Development Program is designed not only to highlight the positive investment an organisation is making in sustainability but to be a living breathing guide to practitioners in their health promotion journey.

Results & Insight
Results & Insight

Healthy Place to Work® meet with the Senior Team and deliver actionable insights that are critical to organisational success. This insight will allow you to monitor, assess and benchmark your investment in the organisation’s health, employee engagement and value proposition.

Current strengths and opportunities will be identified which will support you in engaging a coalition of change agents to create win-win solutions between the organisation and workforce.

Additionally, feedback on how to improve current approaches in line with high performance goals and employee needs will be given, and you will gain key insights to leverage culture and drive high performance.


Healthy Place to Work® certifies organisations that excel in creating, supporting and delivering a healthy work environment. Organisations wishing to achieve the standard must demonstrate both best practice and best fit approaches are integrated into the actions they take.

If all criteria have been met, you will be certified as a Healthy Place to Work®. This certification will enhance both your Employee Value Proposition and your Employer Brand, supporting you in attracting and retaining top talent.